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Prices : 50€ per person

Excursion on camels and overnight in oasis camp in the desert. 


The best way to experience the adventure of the Sahara desert is to sleep amidst the dunes of Erg Chebbi, the largest dune camp in Morocco. The caravan, led by an expert Berber guide, leaves Kanz Erremal in the evening, travelling through the dunes for two hours as the sun sets. The caravan comes to a valley amidst the dunes, selected for its peace and quiet which allows the group to be isolated. The valley contains the tents that will be our accommodation. Upon our arrival, the guide prepares mint tea. Supper is simple but delicious, a perfect example of local cuisine, eaten around the fire. Then, night falls, allowing us to savoir the experience of absolute silence under a starriest sky ever.

he next morning, we are up before sunrise and after some mint tea, we return along the same route to Kanz Erremal Hotel and Kasbah, where there are toilets and showers.

After breakfast, guests can relax and visit the dunes near the swimming-pool.

  • Departure: 1 hour before the sunset  (www.sunrisesunset.com/calendar.asp)
  • Arrival: Next morning, 1 hour after sunrise
  • Length: approximately 45 m on camel to get to the oasis
  • Recommended materials: Hat, sun cream, sunglasses, lots of water, appropriate clothes (it gets cold at night in the desert)
  • Place for leaving and returning: In front of the swimming-pool at Hotel KasbahKanz Erremal.

Suitable for all ages.  

This is the most complete of all the excursions, as it includes riding on camels, watching the sunset and sunrise, seeing the Milky Way in all its splendor and the desert in all its pureness.