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Prices : Price: 95€ ( sharing a jeep ´til 6 people )

When life was not yet installed in the mainland, the sea covered this part of Morocco. 370 million years ago, the sea depth decreased and some areas emerged, such as Tafilalet.

In the shallower parts, a slow sedimentation was produced and a large number of cephalopods were retained during this process.

With the years, the calcareous mud, with a high concentration of oxide and ferrous carbonate, has given a black color to Erfoud fossils. There are several mining areas around the town.

In Erfoud streets, as in other towns from this area, we will find cyclists wearing turban and roads where people can observe aluminum showcases with curious fossil cephalopods.

From an early age, children from Erfoud go fishing in the sand full of strange shaped stones with scientific names such as Orthocers, gonatites, trilobites, phacops, etc. In the outskirts  of Erfoud, it can be found a huge quantity of Devonian fossils.



Length: ½ day. Morning or afternoon

Recommended materials: Hat, sunglasses, suncream and water

Place of departure and arrival: Kanz Erremal Hotel

Passengers: The jeep can take from 1 to 6 people + guide