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Culinary Workshop: The Madfouna; the pizza of the desert


Madfouna, is a stuffed bread that is made in a very peculiar way and that is par excellence the typical desert dish, especially that of the Tafilalet area.

La Madfouna is the traditional Berber pizza that is cooked in a wood oven, or following the original tradition; Burying it in the desert sand


It involves making a fire with palm tree branches and a stone base. The Madfouna is placed, buried with sand and left closed for about twenty minutes.

The filling is usually vegetables, meat and spices. To the taste of each palate.

To be able to do this workshop, we will drive from the Hotel Kanz Erremal in the middle of the desert, near an Oasis to start the culinary experience.


Then our Berber cook will prepare the khaima with all the material and utensils to explain the process to the whole group.


Our Berber friends have been experts in the art of cooking this type of dish for many generations. For years, this tradition has been passed from father to son teaching the best places and tricks to cook Madfouna.


They are the only ones who can teach you the recipe live and in the middle of the desert, since they are oriented how no one can do it in their natural habitat.


The recipe has a magic that only they can show you.

We will prepare the filling (the ingredients can be with or without meat) and the mixture for the dough.


 We will cook it as tradition dictates under the desert sand and, when the Madfounas are ready, we will have our lunch / dinner to enjoy it with our people.


Would you like to prepare your own traditional pizzas and be able to taste them in a group?