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Learn to Draw with Henna


Decorating with Henna is a very special tradition in Morocco.

 The symbols that are drawn on Henna tattoos have meaning and are often used to protect from the evil eye and witchcraft, or to invoke fertility.

Berber designs in henna tattoos include magic numbers, magic squares, verses from the Qur'an, Arabic script, geometric shapes as well as patterns representing plants, flowers, humans, and body parts such as the eyes and hands.

 The predominant drawings are usually flowers that symbolize JOY AND HAPPINESS.


We invite you to a workshop to learn the art of Moroccan henna, so you can design and learn how to apply henna in a group at the hands of Berber women with years of experience.

During half a day, you will learn the ritual and the importance of Henna in Morocco, you will be able to learn to draw the most predominant symbols and their meaning, feel closer to this rich culture.


Our team is made up of women with years of experience in this very significant tradition of Moroccan culture. They know how to prepare and apply Henna in the most precise way and they will teach you how to do it.

Do you dare to know them and have them teach you the symbols of their culture?